Friday, November 13, 2015

Glendale Desert Dogs

Camelback Ranch is my favorite spring training venue. It has a southwest feel, great architecture, it is away from the hubbub of the city and it has a great view. It is also home to the Glendale Desert Dogs of the Arizona Fall League. What is not to like about a name like Desert Dogs?

I attended on Veteran’s Day. I was asked if I was a veteran upon entering, and after answering in the affirmative (that’s military jargon for yes) a man who I assume was the facility manager shook my hand, thanked me for my service and then gave me a voucher for a free team hat in the stadium store. These were not cheesy, cheap caps either. They were fitted wool caps sporting a great Desert Dogs logo. Very nice gesture by the Glendale team. Thanks. And I intend to wear it to the rest of the AFL games.

Glendale also gets some credit for being the only team so far to offer what might be considered a specialty hot dog. Camelback Ranch is the spring training facility for the Los Angeles Dodgers. As a result the Desert Dogs serve Dodger Dogs, a main staple at Dodger Stadium. I am not a fan of the Farmer John frank, but I give the team credit for keeping the hot dog team-affiliated.

Appeal-my ears perked up at the words “Dodger Dog.” 3.5
Ingredients-by now you know how I feel about the frank. Plus, only mustard and relish were available for toppings. But if you can only have two, mustard and relish is the way to go. 2.5
Uniqueness-I would typically score this lower, but there is not much competition for original dogs. 4
Monstrosity Factor-the Dodger Dog is a footlong, which is bigger than most AFL dogs.  3
Value-at $4.75, and a footlong, this is the Arizona Fall League deal. 4.5
Overall Taste-despite the Farmer John frank, it went down easy. 3
Wow, finally a team to break the 20 barrier by half a point. While I continue to be underwhelmed by the dogs in the AFL, the Dodger Dog takes the lead.

Better would be a Coyote Dog (a desert dog in its own right):
  1. Bun-soft local unsteamed.
  2. Hebrew National frank
  3. pico de gallo
  4. shredded pepper jack cheese
Now that’s a dog that will get you howling at the moon.

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