Thursday, August 13, 2015

Tampa Bay Rays: Mac Dog

Baseball in the only domed stadium left in the Major League Baseball. Tampa Bay is always a unique stop, and I was specifically interested in seeing it they corrected their deficiency I pointed out last year. During my trip last season I pointed out that they have a fabulous selection of condiments on the main concourse for their regular hot dogs, but the selection is a sparse few packets on the upper section where the cheap seats are. All this despite that the hot dog cost the same no matter where you are sitting. Much to my disappointment, the hot dog gap between classes still exists. How hard would it be to roll a condiments cart up there?

So, how did they do with their specialty dog? The Rays offer the Mac Dog. I was reminded of something I might purchase at a McDonald’s so they might would to rethink the name, but it is a macaroni and cheese dog. It consists of a one-half pound grilled Nathan’s frank topped with mac n’ cheese, red jalapeno peppers and crispy onion straws. All this on a very soft and tasty hoagie roll.

Appeal-I know that mac n’ cheese can be good on a hot dog, although some fans do not. Plus, it needs a new name. How about the Shark Dog? 4.5

Ingredients-all top notch, and one of the best buns I have tasted. 5

Uniqueness-there are a few teams that do the mac n’ cheese dog. 4

Monstrosity Factor-another one of those dogs that looked big, but I was pretty sure I could handle it. Not so. I only got about half of it down. Why on earth does this beast come with fries? 5

Value-a pricey $15. 3

Overall Taste-few complaints from me, although I think the frank actually overpowers the dog by being too much meat. 4.5
A very respectable showing of 26 for the Rays. Despite playing in the worst ballpark in the MLB, they put out one of the best dogs. It’s like going into a shotgun shack and finding out that they actually have crystal and fine china. But I am probably one of 200 million people that know the Tampa Bay Rays need a new ballpark. My prediction? By 2020 the Rays will be playing in Montreal. You heard it here first.

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