Sunday, August 2, 2015

Oklahoma City Dodgers: The Porker

Did you hear that the Dodgers moved to Oklahoma City? Well, their AAA did anyway. Last year, players one step away from Dodger big league dreams practiced their vocation in Albuquerque, NM. For the 2015 season the Los Angeles Dodgers moved their triple A club to Oklahoma City. With it they rammed the Dodgers moniker down the throat of the local ballclub so that last year’s RedHawks are this year’s Dodgers. As if changing stadium names every few years isn’t confusing enough.

I was there last year to sample the regular hot dog. Not much has changed besides the team name. It is still a fabulous baseball venue in the best part of Oklahoma City. The specialty dogs in OKC can be found in one of two Franx stands within the ballpark. They offer up a Chicago Dog, Coney, and a BLT dog. I opted for their Porker because I have a thing for double-meat dogs. It has a Ballpark brand frank, shredded pork and coleslaw topped with BBQ sauce. What is not to like about that.

Appeal-with pulled pork and coleslaw, my Appalachian roots could not resist testing this dog. 4

Ingredients-zesty BBQ sauce and fresh coleslaw helped out.  The pulled pork was delicious, but the Ballpark frank was just average. 3.5

Uniqueness-a few teams do the pulled pork dog, but not that many. It is a good addition to any dog lineup. 4

Monstrosity Factor-I had originally intended to mark this category a little low as I studied the picture of the dog displayed at the concession stand. Then they handed me the dog. While not piled high, I have seen rivers not nearly as wide. A fork dog to be sure and one will do you. 4

Value-outstanding value at $6. It should be the only food you need to buy at the ballpark. 5

Overall Taste-pretty darn good. The frank could have been better, and the bun a little softer, but overall I was pleased. 4
A score of 24.5 is a decent showing for the Dodgers of the future. The specialty dog out on the American Plains is anything but plain. With about a half of a pig on the bun, along with other condiments you won’t go hungry at whatever they are calling the ballpark in Oklahoma City these days. Maybe it is the same as last year, but with so many stadium name changes I was too beat down to check. But you should check it out, and down a dog while at it. Let me know the name of the ballpark.

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