Thursday, July 30, 2015

Santa Fe Fuego: Fuego Dog

My first encounter with the cuisine inside the independent Pecos League. And I made it in a nick of time. The league is a short-season confederation making catching a game a rarer affair than in ballparks associated with the MLB, and I caught my hometown Santa Fe Fuego playing one their last games of 2015. They play at Fort Marcy Park, which is kind of like a rundown high school field, but with a cooler grandstand.

I was not expecting much, particularly since some single A, MLB-affiliated teams have had some sparse offerings. But the Fuego surprised the Hot Dog Explorer. They have a few dogs in their lineup with the specialty dog being the ⅓ pound Fuego Chile Cheese Dog, known henceforth as the Fuego Dog. It sports a nearly six-ounce frank, beans, red chile and queso cheese.

Appeal-New Mexico is known for its red and green chilies, and topping the local dog off with a local favorite is a hit. 4

Ingredients-the Fuego know enough about putting out a quality product that they use Nathan’s hot dog. One of my favorites (right after a Hebrew National). 4

Uniqueness-the chili cheese thing is all over baseball. Tossing in the red chili is the only thing that sets this dog apart. 4

Monstrosity Factor-a nice sized dog, but nothing huge. 3.5

Value-pricey at $8. 3

Overall Taste-pleasing to the palate, especially when I was expecting a cold Oscar Meyer on a stale bun. 4
An overall score of 22.5 will not win any medals, but as an independent ballclub, the Santa Fe Fuego can be proud of having specialty dog that holds it own with many MLB minor league clubs. I am glad I was able to catch a game before they wrapped up the 2015 season. Even in the spartan trappings of Fort Marcy Park, a dog in hand taste better when hardball is on the field.

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