Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Lexington Legends: All-Star BBQ Dog

Kevin Dolphin and his pack of dogs
Checking out the red hots in the Bluegrass State at Whitaker Bank Ballpark. I was confused at first then I saw the stadium marquee. When I saw “Legend” I thought they knew I was visiting and it was a personal greeting. Turns out the the team’s name is the Lexington Legends. Honest mistake.

For a single A team in the South Atlantic League they put out an impressive array of three specialty dogs. Their GM Kevin Dolphin took me through their specialty selection that includes a Diablo Dog, Chicago Dog and the All-Star BBQ Dog. I chose the All-Star because Kevin explained that it pays homage to their parent organization, the Kansas City Royals. I love connections like that...almost as I love double-meat hot dogs.

Appeal-something about piling BBQ meat on top of a hot dog that makes my mouth water….and my pants tighter. 4.5

Ingredients-I love coleslaw on a dog. And the pickles were a nice touch. 4.5

Uniqueness-the Kansas City Royals connection gives it a boost, as well as a better moniker than just “BBQ Dog.” Topping with pickles is rarely done. 4

Monstrosity Factor-this dog goes more vertical than horizontal in the monstrosity factor. One dog will usually suffice but depending on how hungry you are you might need a bag of peanuts to top you off. 4

Value-at $6.50 this dog is a great ballpark bargain. 5

Overall Taste-absolutely delicious. 5
When a single A team can pull in an overall score of 27 you know they are doing something right. The weird part? I was trying to down my dog while watching the players warm up and ended up dumping some of it because I was swatting at a bee of some sort. Who were the Legends playing that night? The Augusta Greenjackets

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