Monday, July 6, 2015

West Virginia Black Bears: WV Dog

Disclaimer: I am a native of West Virginia. So, naturally, when I heard that the Morgantown area was getting a class A short-season team in the NY-Penn league I made sure it was on my list of ballparks to hit this summer.

With only 2,500 seats, Monongalia County Ballpark offers up some great baseball in cozy quarters. Don’t let the stadium’s diminutive size fool you, it has everything you would expect from a minor league venue, along with a spectacular appalachian valley view from the parking lot. And hot dogs? If you read my blog regularly you will know that a few years back the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council held a sort of bracket playoff system in honor of college basketball’s March Madness tournament. Only their bracketed system pitted regional hot dogs from around the nation against each other. The champion? The West Virginia hot dog of course. And that is the specialty dog the WV Black Bears offer to fans that trod up to their hilltop abode to catch some action on the diamond.

Appeal-I love it when team’s have regionally inspired hot dogs. The WV hot dog is famous and lures the locals to the concession stand. If you were not aware, it would make you curious as to what it is all about. 5

Ingredients-WV has a distinctive and delicious hot dog chili and that is included on this dog. Along with coleslaw and spicy mustard. The Farmdale brand frank is not my favorite, but it holds its own. 4

Uniqueness-very similar to the Carolina Dog. It’s the great tasting chili that sets the WV Dog apart from others. 4

Monstrosity Factor-lots on this dog, but you will need to eat two to fill you up. 3

Value-at $6 it is not a bad bargain considering the ingredients. On par with other minor league offerings of its size. 4

Overall Taste-I did mention that the WV hot dog won a national contest yes? 5
A solid 25 of 30 for an overall score means getting a dog at Monongalia County Ballpark is a treat not to be missed when in the Mountain State. Now that West Virginia has not one, but two minor league baseball teams. Perhaps now regular folks will realize that we are actually a state and not part of Virginia. It’s like we have our own governor and everything. I get that a lot when traveling when I tell people I am from WV. They remark about how they have relatives in Richmond or Norfolk, oblivious to the fact that we separated from Virginia in 1865. I just smile, nod and remind myself that our hot dogs kicked their ass in a national contest.

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