Sunday, July 5, 2015

New York Yankees: Nathan's Hot Dog

Yankee stadium. It’s hallowed ground. At least it sits on the hallowed ground that used to be Old Yankee Stadium. It is in the city that never sleeps, the big apple, home to ten million people from all over the globe. You would think a city with such a culturally diverse influence and storied franchise like the Yankees would have an awesome specialty dog worthy of representing the team. Not so. It’s like walking into Baskin-Robbins and finding out they only have two flavors.

Nathan’s is the dog that made New York famous. Or perhaps it was the other way around. In any case, the Yankees have bet their reputation on selling Nathan’s Famous hot dogs in two varieties: regular and large. Pretty mundane for a team with such an opportunity to offer the world of baseball an awesome specialty dog. I ended up with the jumbo version.

Appeal-hey! It’s a hot dog….and just a hot dog. Meh. 2.5

Ingredients-at least they use a decent brand frank. Other toppings include kraut and some sort of onions in red sauce. Bun barely held together. 3.5

Uniqueness-hey! It’s a hot dog. 1.5

Monstrosity Factor-you will need at least two. 2

Value-at over $7 it is not particular bargain. 3

Overall Taste-this is the only category the dog does well. It tasted pretty darn good. The tomatoey onions add something. 4
Do you like irony? The Yankees won the game I attended which gave them sole possession of first place in their division. Their hot dog, with an overall score of 16.5, lands them dead last in the MLB specialty hot dog standings. The Bronx Bombers have...bombed. Perhaps rehiring George Costanza can infuse some creativity into their hot dog lineup.

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