Monday, June 8, 2015

Beloit Snappers: Italian Sausage Dog

I took in some more Midwest League action while in Beloit, Wisconsin on Sunday. The weird thing was I was certain that my GPS was leading me astray as it took me cruising through a nice middle-class neighborhood. And then BAM! Out of nowhere appeared Pohlman Field, home of the Beloit Snappers. It’s like they just dropped a ballpark in the neighborhood.

There was a sizeable crowd lined up for entry. It was Matt Garza bobblehead giveaway day. If fans could choose to end world hunger or get a free bobblehead I am certain they would choose the latter. Yeah, I have a collection of a bobbleheads too. They are so damn cool the way their head shakes. Plus, I have been to the bobblehead museum so that makes me an expert on baseball’s equivalent of garden gnomes.

The ballpark itself isn’t much to speak of. It was build in the early 1980s and lacks the character of a really old park and the amenities of a newer modern stadium. Still, the hardball action was worthy. And the dog?

Appeal-I rated it on the three specialty dog offerings of Italian Sausage, Polish, or Brat. That gets you one of the three on a bun and you can add the available condiments. 3

Ingredients-there were no specific ingredients to set this dog apart from the regular hot dog other than the frank. 2

Uniqueness-most parks have versions of the same. 2

Monstrosity Factor-normal size of a hot dog. I also bought some peanuts to fill the void. 2

Value-I lost my actual cost notes, but I do remember it was a good price for what you get. 4.5

Overall Taste-I am not a fan of the Hormel frank. It was watery and had very little taste. I chose the Italian Sausage which I expected to be at least mildly spicy. It fell flat. 2
Bette Davis and I getting acquainted
This was only my second stop in the Midwest League. Clinton did well so a Single A ballclub can do better than the 15.5 that Beloit scored. Still, I am glad I went, Single A ball is entertaining and it was fiercely fought game.
But I did get a bobblehead. And I to to meet Beloit’s most charismatic and cutest resident: Bette Davis-canine cutie.

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