Monday, May 18, 2015

Tulsa Drillers: Firecracker Dog

After finishing my west coast swing of eight MLB ballparks I find myself back in Tulsa and plotting the next move in my gastronomic journey. I returned just in time for a rain-interrupted, five-day homestand for the Tulsa Drillers that included one of my favorite baseball oddities: a morning first pitch.
When the game starts at 11 AM the ballpark makes the perfect spot for lunch and the ideal proving ground for tasting the dog. I thought it would be me and about fifty other fans due to the time of the game. As it turned out it was Tulsa Public Schools field trip day and the streets outside Oneok Field was lined with yellow school busses. So it ended up being me, fifty other fans and about four thousand screaming kids. You know what screaming kids do at the ballpark besides scream? They eat. And eat. And eat. It took until the fourth inning before I was able to brave the lines at the concession stand and grapple with a Firecracker Dog. It was a hard choice as Tulsa continues to impress me with the menu options for a class AA ballpark. The Franx stand offers the following specialty dogs (all served with a 100% beef frank:

Pizza Dog-sliced pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, homemade marinara.

Oink, Cluck, Moo-chicken tenders, cheese sauce, BBQ sauce, crumbled bacon.

Chicago Dog-tomato, pickle, peppers, relish, celery salt served on a poppy seed bun.

Buffalo Chicken-shredded buffalo chicken, red hot sauce, blue cheese dressing.

My Firecracker Dog included shredded spicy chicken, pepper jack cheese, jalapeno sauce, chipotle mayonnaise.

Appeal-while all the dogs looked good, the name association with the spiciness was undeniably attractive. And the ingredient mixture was enticing. 5

Ingredients-a fiery medley of meat on a bun. 5

Uniqueness-this is a stand out dog that is seldom duplicated at other venues. 5

Monstrosity Factor-it is a regular sized dog, but loaded with meat. It is possible this might be your only meal at the ballpark, but if you get it early enough you might be reaching for some peanuts by the seventh inning stretch. 3.5

Value-at $6 it is a great value compared to other ballparks and the amount of meat it packs. 5

Overall Taste-both the beef frank and the spicy chicken get along well inside the bun. The spicy was not too overpowering and allows the eater to enjoy the heat without gasping for breath. 5
Trust me when I say I am impartial on my dog ratings. Yes, Tulsa is my home ballpark, but since they built Oneok Field about 4 years ago they have been committed to providing great food a one of the best AA ballparks in the nation. The Firecracker Dog deserves every one of its 28.5 points.

Disagree? Say when and where and I will meet you for a dog off at your ballpark. You buy of course. Did I mention that despite my fame and good looks I am still on a budget?

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