Friday, April 17, 2015

Hot Dog Hot Spots: Sinbad's

There is more than gaming and debauchery in Sparks, Nevada. There is a hot dog hot spot worth visiting. Sinbad’s has been serving up the dog to the denizens of Reno and Sparks for years. Not a gourmet hot dog joint, they are noted for their regular hot dog which they do well. It comes in several iterations but you cannot go wrong with downing a wiener in Sinbads.
It is located in a stripmall setting with a small, diner type interior. The walls are adorned with a full spectrum of hot dog related art/advertisements and photos of celebrities eating hot dogs. Perhaps my favorite is Field Castro getting his dog on. That’s not surprising though, considering he was once an aspiring baseball pitcher. I guess when you can’t make it in the baseball the next best thing is being a brutal dictator. If you can’t dominate a game from the mound, why not dominate an entire island nation? That’s what I am planning if this hot dog thing doesn’t work out.

The Nevada area in general seems to be somewhat devoid of dedicated hot dog spots. That means it isn’t on my list of vacations spots. But this is what makes Sinbad’s such a welcome oasis in hot dog desert. It is worth a stop and if you headed deeper into Nevada, be sure to take in one last dog before you hit the great, dogless expanse that awaits you.

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