Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hot Dog Hot Spot: The Dog Haus

I nearly made it to Phoenix before I caved. Living in the 21st century makes research easy and that is how I found The Dog Haus in Flagstaff, Arizona. It is owned by Gary McElfresh who used to be a Der Wienerschnitzel employee waaaaay back in the day. When Der Wienerschnitzel moved out, Gary moved in the old building and has been a Flagstaff fixture ever since...for 42 years and counting.

You don’t stay in the hot dog business for nearly half of a century without peddling a good dog. Gary has combined quality Sysco franks (with an all-beef option) and somewhat famous chili to keep the folks of Flagstaff coming back.

The locale is directly on Route 66 and in that fashion there is no indoor seating. You can drive through and grab a dog to go or plant yourself on the cement picnic tables in the lot. I love outdoor eating, but at 35F with a wind kicking up I retreated to into the confines of my vaunted hot dog exploring vehicle (HDEV) and chowed down on a slaw dog. I have been planning my next MLB road trip and remembering the great slaw dogs I had in the Carolinas helped me out with the choices. I was not disappointed. Gary insists on quality, fresh ingredients and the slaw was zesty and crunchy. It went down waaaaayyy too easy.

If you are a music fan this hot dog hot spot has a connection with a hot number. Do you know the lyrics from the song “Take it Easy?” That “standin’ on a corner in Winslow, Arizona” is geographically and artistically correct, but the flatbed Ford lyric was really inspired by a Toyota truck pulling out of  Wienerschnitzel in Flagstaff. That Wienerschnitzel is now The Dog Haus.  

Next time you are in Flagstaff grab a part of both US and music history by driving Route 66 and downing a dog at The Dog Haus.

Check out my interview with Gary below:

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