Monday, October 13, 2014

Hot Dog Score Predicts World Series Winner!

Who will win the World Series? I already know. It seems that the teams that have the best overall baseball/hot dog experience have fared well in the off season. How well? When matched up head to head, the team with the better overall baseball/hot dog experience they have beaten their opponents with nearly 70% accuracy. The exception is the San Francisco Giants, which if they had reasonably priced tickets would have scored higher. If you extrapolate the hot dog scores beyond what has currently been played you will clearly see that the Baltimore Orioles will win the World Series. Keep in mind that Baltimore was the only team to snag a perfect score of 60 during my road trip. 

So, basically it is a done deal. I am personally pulling for the Royals, but the dog does not lie. So head to Las Vegas place your bet and make a bundle. You can use your winnings to fund your own personal baseball road trip in 2015. Sorry for the spoiler, but you can't beat science man...the Orioles win it.

Royals vs A’s- Dog winner: Royals Actual winner: Royals  BLOG PREDICTED

Orioles vs Tigers- Dog winner Orioles Actual winner: Orioles BLOG PREDICTED

Pirates vs Giants- Dog winner Pirates Actual winner Giants GIANTS CHEATED

Cardinals vs Dodgers- Dog winner Cardinals Actual winner Cardinals BLOG PREDICTED

Royals vs Angels- Dog winner Royals Actual winner Royals BLOG PREDICTED

Giants vs Nationals- Dog winner Nationals Actual winner Giants GIANTS CHEATED

Giants vs Cardinals- Dog winner Giants

Orioles vs Royals- Dog winner Orioles



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