Monday, August 18, 2014

Guest Blog: The Good Dog, Bad Dog, Ugly Dog

I love it when my blog followers contribute. This blog is the first (of I hope many) guest bloggers. Stacy is a dietitian from Tulsa who professionally analyzes her dog selection from ONEOK field, home of the Tulsa Drillers. She channels her inner Clint Eastwood to get the dog off her lawn and into her tummy. Thanks Stacy, from all of us ballpark dog lovers who wanted to (or maybe didn't want to) know what we were letting slide down our gullet.

The Good: According to the USDAsupertracker an average hot dog with bun” provides 250 calories and 9 grams of protein, roughly equivalent to a Power Bar. It also boasts significant amounts of several important vitamins; B-12, Thiamine and Niacin. Take me out to the Ballpark!

The Bad: Our frankfurter friend is shamefully high in fat, notably the saturated, artery clogging kind. Think six slices of bacon; topped with chili and cheese, a greasy dozen. It's also laced with sodium; the equivalent of two Lay's grab bags. Add mustard and relish (which I did) and you have 50% of the daily recommended amount of sodium, in just one dog! Suggested game day meal plan: fruit for breakfast, salad for lunch, water, water and more water...
Stacy's foil-smushed dog

The Ugly: There is nothing pretty about a foiled smashed, grease soaked bun and watery pump relish. In my humble opinion dog should meet bun just seconds prior to service. Relish should be available in a serving dish, nestled between onions and jalapeno friends, flanked by pumps of spicy mustard and hot sauce. Go ahead hot dog world, make my day!


  1. "I know what you're thinking. Did she eat six dogs, or only five...."

  2. I can't and won't dispute the dietary issues of eating hot dogs, but I think most reasonable people who eat a hot dog at the ballpark do so because they know it's going to taste delicious!

    I'm disappointed she didn't get a specialty dog from FRANX.

  3. You bring up a good point. Hot dogs are like donuts, no one eats them thinking they are a nutritious health food. Foods that pretend to be something they are not, are much more evil. (Example: Craisins - appear to be fruit, really more like candy.)

    I have tasted the Firecracker Dog from FRANX. (This mostly vegan girl could never stomach a whole one.) It was delicious! In fact, I asked for some jalapeno sauce on my fries at last Sunday's game. Washed them down with a smooth Blue Moon. Vegan ballpark food at it's finest!

    Which of the FRANX dogs is your fav?