Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Chicago Cubs

If you were to see a baseball game in only one baseball stadium in your lifetime I would recommend Wrigley Field. You know how I yearn for baseball the way it used to be, and many newer ballparks strive to have the retro look. Not Wrigley Field...because it IS 100 years old. It opened in 1914 and if you removed the lights you can see what a ballpark looked like a century ago. Even if you are not a baseball fan, if in Chicago see at game at Wrigley. It is both a ballpark and a museum. And if you tell any baseball fan that you were in Chicago in the summer and did not see a game there they will slap you. No words, no explanation...they will just slap you. And you would deserve it.

More home runs have been hit in Wrigley Field than gossip magazine photos have been taken of Kim Kardashian (that’s for non-baseball fan perspective on how historic the park is….I try for you guys). And if a ballpark is named after a chewing gum magnate, it better have something to offer that sticks (get it? sticks?) And then there are the fans. Cub fans are legendary. The Cubs have not won a world series in nearly 100 years and most of the time they play as poorly as Justin Bieber sings (again...for you non fans). Yet the Cubbies’ fans remain vehemently loyal. I don’t get them, but I respect them. And once you are in the “friendly confines” of Wrigley, every other Cub fan is your long-lost relative, or at least blood-brother. They guy who an hour ago would have ripped your head off for cutting him off at the intersection will bear hug you if a Cub hits a homerun. Particularly in the bleachers everyone is in it together, through thick or thin, come hell or high least for nine innings.

Enough fawning over America’s oldest ballpark. Here is how it panned out:

Bun-soft and steamed.
Taste-the Vienna Beef frank did a great job of pleasing the palate.
Toppings-kinda skimpy. Only onions, relish and mustard.
Portability-a large cardboard boat catches all that falls for reapplication.
Price-at $5.50 it could have gotten top score if it included more toppings like kraut or grilled onions.
It Factor-the Chicago Dog, because Wrigley is THE place to have one, would have maxed out the scale. Toss in the Decade Specialty Dogs and it is meat tube lover’s dream.

Location-the downtown area it is in is called Wrigleyville. Need I say more?
Access-other than hooved animals, all options are available.
Cleanliness-only a 4, but I would consider that as good as it gets for a 100 year-old ballpark.
GA Ticket Price-first, I would like to thank the Cubs organization for selling me a ticket at 50% off as thanks for my military service. Your gesture is appreciated and does not go unnoticed by those who wore the uniform. That said, the regular price for the cheapest ticket as $32. That is outrageous, uncalled for and damn near un-American. I give you a 1 of 5.
Fans-best in MLB.
Ambiance-if I awarded extra points Wrigley would get an 8. But no one bends my scale. Top score.

DogBallparkTotal Dog/Game
Portability5GA Ticket Price1
It Factor5Fans5

Yes, They Have Specialty Dogs at Wrigley

Another score of 52. Wrigley could have been one of the top venues if they only had tickets that the average Joe could afford. Soon I expect a Lear Jet parking lot for their targeted clientele. A few more toppings and the dog would have gotten a great score. I can hear old man Wrigley’s raspy voice now, “I cudda been a contenda.”

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