Friday, April 25, 2014

The Sonoran

Regional dog report:
When in the desert….
I love regional variations of food, and hot dogs are no exception to local influences. While you were working and I was lounging poolside waiting for my next baseball game I checked to see if Phoenix has any local variations of the wiener. Turns out the Sonoran Hot Dog is big in Phoenix. Why? Because Phoenix is in the Sonoran desert you dolt.

The Sonoran Dog originated in Hermosillo, Mexico the capital of Sonora province and has become a popular staple in the southwestern hot dog community. If in Phoenix there is but ONE place to get your Sonoran fix...and’s a secret.
Secret Sonoran Research Center

But I could never keep a secret so here it is. On the corner of 20th and Old Indian School Road is a small shopping plaza. After 7pm the Nogales Food truck sets up shop. The small team stealthily set up a few awning tents, fold up table, grill and wa-la...instant food stop. It is very much on the down low and known to only the locals. It is sort of like a covert NSA operation…..only the Nogales people are not interested if you sleep naked or not.

The Nogales Sonoran-mobile
A Sonoran has beans, onions, tomatoes, mayonnaise (when in Rome), cream sauce, jalapenos salsa, with options of guacamole and other local ingredients including several grated cheeses. All served on a fluffy bun. And the frank is...wait for it….wait for it...WRAPPED IN BACON!
Once you have had a Sonoran you will be ready to give Texas back to Mexico in exchange for just a few more of these delectable dogs.

The Sonoran

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