Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Breaking Dog

Today is the second day of a five-day baseball drought. I am at the mercy of geography, the confines of time and space, and MLB/MiLB schedules. Thanks to Karen in Roswell I managed to fit in an unplanned college game but the prospect of several more days sans hardball has left me feeling depressed. Some disc golf has helped alleviate some of my anguish, but I needed serious help. I needed a dose of The Dog House.

The Dog House was famous before it was famous. It has been serving up dogs for over 60 years. Since it is directly on Route 66 and just a few blocks west of downtown Albuquerque it has earned a reputation of dishing out some high-temperature dogs at discount prices. Just what the doctor ordered.

Casa de Dog
Business was good for The Dog House and then came the smash AMC television series “Breaking Bad.” It was a favorite hangout of the character Jesse Pinkman. The Dog House appears in each of the 5 seasons that BB ran on AMC, and the wild popularity of the pop culture sensation increased the already heavily frequented dog dive’s traffic. Nowadays you may have to wait a bit to plunk down a few bucks for one of their atomic gut bombs. But it’s worth it.

For a true Dog House experience you have to get one with chili. And the joint does New Mexico proud as your tummy rebels after the first bite. The slightly bitter hot aftertaste will have you reaching for a cold Dr Pepper and soon after the Tums. The Dog House is not for those that have a sensitive belly or refined pallet. But it will allow you to taste one of the most unique and vaunted dogs in the country. A dog reveled in the annals of Route 66 lore and forever preserved in television reruns.

Hot Dog Smothered in Nuclear Waste

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