Sunday, April 20, 2014

Midland Rock Hounds

It was a beautiful, breezy west Texas night at Security Bank Ballpark, the perfect setting for some Texas League action. Along with some fine dining on the dog. If you look at a map you will notice that Midland is somewhat out in the middle of the oil patch and in the heart of the “real” Texas. The Rock Hounds were hosting San Antonio, a venue I visited early in my trip. After a bit of a yawn fest in Frisco, this game did not disappoint with the hitting, errors, pitching and talent evenly matched. It took 11 innings, but the Rock Hounds finally sent the Missions to the locker room by edging them 4-3.

The Midland staff was very accommodating with my quest for the perfect dog and I met up with the club’s Assistant General Manager Jeff VonHolle in section 19, a mere 4 rows up from the action. Jeff, who with over 20 years of service with the Rock Hounds performs a myriad of functions for the club, is also the person that secures the supply of hot dogs. His ballpark sold approximately 67,000 gluten free, all-beef dog from Block and Barrel last year. He was also kind enough to treat me to a specialty dog offered at Security Bank Ballpark...the bacon dog. Yes, bacon on my hot dog. It was like Christmas.

Bun-fresh and steamed.
Taste-I really wasn’t expecting much after a week at mostly minor league parks but this dog was particularly tasty.
Portability-comes in foil sleeve to keep all of the goodies on the dog and off of the concourse.
Price-at $3.25 it is the most affordable dog to date.
Toppings-a good selection to compliment the fank.
It Factor-the Rock Hounds do offer a bacon dog and Chicago style version. More variety would be better.

A semicircular structure that is par for the course in AA parks. Built of pale red and light brown brick and low-slung. Security Bank Park sports a modest scoreboard and an outfield wall with a quirky sinusoidal curve in it.
Location-not near downtown, it is in a sports complex area.
Security Bank Ballpark
Access-driving seems to be the only real option for getting the ballpark. However parking is plentiful and free.
Cleanliness-a nifty stadium that is spotless.
Ambiance-Pretty typical AA venue. It has a baseball vibe to it but nothing to set it apart from the other parks of similar design.
GA Ticket-A grass berm is available but only after the seats have sold out. $9 for an actual seat close to the field was a good bargain.
Fans-it was early in season and the park was only about 25% full. The fans that were there were behind the Rock Hounds and  you could tell it.

DogBallparkTotal Dog/Game
Portability5GA Ticket Price5
It Factor3Fans4

With an overall score of 51 Midland should be on your list of ballparks to grab a dog and experience baseball...Texas style.

Host and Rocky Rock Hound


  1. I've been in Midland for work a bit lately, but never considered catching a game. I usually just focus on getting my work done and getting the hell out of that uninhabitable hell hole. Also, there's the permian basic petroleum museum, which is actually pretty interesting.

    1. Nate. See a game. It's standard AA fare but a nice way to spend an evening.

    2. Tom, I'm in midland and the rock hounds will be in town tomorrow. Thanks to the blog and your rec I'm planning to catch the game tomorrow night! I'll let you know if I think your rating system is accurate!

  2. I saw you on FOX 9 this morning in Minnesota and when you mentioned Midland, I had to check. I am from Monahans, near MIdland but now live in cold country. You have a nice day today in Minnesota.

  3. Leona,
    Thanks for the comment. If you make it back to the Midland area during summer be sure to catch a Rock Hounds game. Great fun and a good dog.