Friday, April 18, 2014

Frisco Rough Riders

Nothing like a Texas League matchup for drizzly Thursday night. I fretted all day that the game might be called due to inclement weather but the rain held to a mist and at 7pm the Frisco Rough Riders took on the Corpus Christi Hooks at Dr. Pepper Ballpark.

Front of Dr Pepper Ballpark With Cool Statue
I had wanted to visit this field since reading that it received high accolades. It was rated as a top AA venue and one of the better parks in all of minor leagues. Once

there I was able to meet up with Ben Blankenship, the Director of Food and Beverage for the Rough Riders. He provided some keen insight to all things hot dog at Dr. Pepper Park and the nearly 30,000 they plan ot sell this year. Here’s how the good Dr. Pepper’s dog shook out:

Bun-fresh but not steamed.
Taste-I was pleased at the size of the dog, but it wasn’t as hot as previous ballpark offerings.
Toppings-good assortment including relish AND kraut.
My Dog
Price-$4.75 is a lower price than most. Just be sure to ask for just the dog and not the basket.
Portability-it comes in a large foil wrapper that is more than sufficient to get your meal back to your seat in one piece.
It factor-a porker with pulled pork is offered as well as a Chicago style dog. Different but not something that would pull in the fans.

Dr. Pepper Ballpark:
Location-It is smack in the middle of some condos, shopping and restaurants. Lots of parking and while I didn’t see any I am sure public transport is available.
Access-easy to walk to from the adjacent mall (meaning free parking). Biking would be easy. The park loses top score due to the parking cost in the lot if you chose. $10 is way too much.
Cleanliness-outstanding job keeping the park sparkling.
Ambiance-tough call. It is touted as being such a nice venue but it has a Cap Cod look and feel to it. It is different no doubt about it and that is somewhat refreshing, but I didn’t get that baseball park feel for it. From the outside it looks like a really nice housing project.
Entrance at Night
GA Ticket price-$7 for a grass berm seat is pricey. The lower score is also because I was charged sales tax on my ticket making $7.58 or something like that. That is the first time I have ever had my baseball ticket taxed.
Fans-Courteous, and I suppose many stayed home due to the fact it looked like rain. But it is early in the season and the park was only about 20% full. And they seemed disinterested in the game. Which Frisco won 3-1.

The overall rating is 47. The lowest yet but by no means a bad score. You may personally love the park architecture. And the dog was decent and had a nice price. Just not memorable. I still recommend a game at Dr. Pepper if the opportunity arises.

DogBallparkTotal Dog/Game
Portability5GA Ticket Price2
It Factor3Fans3

I also take it as a personal affront that I was unable to get close to the mascot….you know how I love the mascots. It’s a giant prairie dog named Deuce in case you were wondering. It is also worth noting that Frisco is one of the swankier places in the greater DFW area. Not a bad place to spend a day. I am just thankful they didn’t call the cops on me.

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