Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Los Angeles Angels

Angel Stadium is very much like Dodger Stadium in that it was built in the 1960s and is of a semi-circular design. They are sort of like cousins, lot of similarities but still different. It doesn’t help that the ballpark is located near several amusement parks. It detracts from the baseball vibe. The park itself had undergone major renovations since its inception. One that included this fake rocky area with a faux stream running through it. It looks like an incomplete construction site. And, as the fourth oldest ballpark in the MLB it shows its age. The Angels would be better off spending the millions they gave to Albert Pujols and sinking it into a new venue. But they do have the Rally Monkey. A small monkey in an Angel jersey that appears on the scoreboard in the late innings when the Angels are down a few runs. It is supposed to rally the fans and team.

So enough ragging on the ballpark….it gets worse. There is the Angel Dog. It wasn’t horrible, but it was far from the best dog I have had. Here is how it shakes out:

Angel Stadium
Location-in amusement park central. Sort of in a super huge lot.
Access-I am sure there are busses, but I will be damned if I would ride my bicycle there in that vehicle madness. Parking is $10 but can be had for free if you don’t mind walking.
Cleanliness-bathrooms could use a good scrubbing.
Ambiance-not a lot. It would make a nice college football venue though.
GA Ticket Price-$12 was the cheapest. Not great. But not as outrageous as I have seen at some parks. I did get a ticket for $10 with a military discount.
Fans-not a bad crowd for a Monday with school still in session. The crowd was sort of disengaged...until the Rally Monkey showed up.

Angel Dog
Bun-kind of stale.
Taste-the Farmer John frank had a slight sweet taste to it.
Toppings-pitiful, only mustard and relish. No onions, kraut, etc.
Price-$4.50 for an Angel Dog is not too bad, but not great either. Frank was large.
Portability-nice large foil sleeve. Too bad it goes to waste. Not enough toppings available to use all of the room it provides.
It Factor-Angel Dog? Meh.

DogBallparkTotal Dog/Game
Portability5GA Ticket Price4
It Factor2Fans4

My advice is that if you are in Los Angeles for just a few days and have a choice between the two teams, catch a Dodgers game. If you are just in Anaheim for that screaming, snot-laden cash blackhole called Disneyland then drop the family off at the giant mouse’s playground. It would actually make an Angel Dog taste great knowing you were noshing one at the ballpark instead of in line at Space Mountain.
The Rally Monkey

My ballgame was exciting however. Home Runs, triples, wild throws...good pitching until the late innings. I enjoyed the game on the field. And the Angels came back to beat the Indians 6-3. I credit the Rally Monkey.


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  2. You have no idea about baseball ambiance, structures, not the history of Los Angeles baseball. Stick to eating wieners.

    1. Glad you like the blog and honored to have you read it. Angels fan I take it? Fun team. OK venue, but not great. I'd put Anaheim as third on the list of needing a new ballpark. But first, I'd fix the Angel Dog. Have you had one?