Monday, April 28, 2014

Los Angeles Dodgers

I have always liked Dodger Stadium and the Dodger Dog. The dog is a tangible and edible link to passion for the team and its notoriety and association with the club make having one a must for Dodger fans or visitors. The ballpark is the third oldest in baseball, has unique scoreboards, is the only stadium to have never changed seating capacity and it oozes baseball ambiance. I feel fortunate to have watched Fernando Valenzuela pitch there. The night I attended was “movie night.” They showed “Field of Dreams” on the scoreboard after the game.  

It does have its detractors. It is in Chavez Ravine, not close to any major urban area in Los Angeles making driving the most convenient way to get there. And with parking at $15 that is close to being a crime. I of course found free parking with the help of If you are going to a MLB game anytime soon use it and save enough in parking fees for an admission ticket. As an older stadium it has a narrow concourse that makes it crowded to navigate.

Taste-the Farmer John frank has unique taste that many find yummy. I find it...well, unique.
Portability-wrapped in a foil wrapper and twisted at the ends. Easy to transport.
Cost-$5.50 for a dog whose signature look is that the frank is longer than the bun...way longer. I wasn’t fooled, it is still mighty thin. Average bargain.
It Factor-the Dodger Dog carries the team with versions called the Brooklyn Dodger Dog and others.
Toppings-big points for having both brown and yellow mustard, but only relish and onion in addition to that.

Location-even though it is in the middle of the greater Los Angeles area, it is still isolated in Chavez Ravine. Nothing located near it.
Access-while driving is almost necessary, no break is given on parking. And if you park for free it is still a hike. Forget taking a bike.
Cleanliness-the park does good for a 52 year old stadium. But the bathroom floors were wet and some trash in other parts floating around.
GA Ticket Price-$18 for the cheapest ticket is outrageous. I opted to take the military discount for a field level seat for $20. I figured if I was going to be financially molested I might as well enjoy it the best I could.
Ambiance-once you get to the park and slapped with the ticket price it is hard to beat a baseball experience at Dodger Stadium It has history on its side and a great baseball vibe.
Fans-lots of Dodger blue in the stands and a good turnout. Fans lose points on a Dodger tradition...leaving in the seventh inning to beat traffic (hint to fans...if most people leave in the seventh you aren’t beating anything).

Even I was surprised by the Dodgers low score. It just goes to show you that it takes a critical eye to truly see something as it is. I would still recommend a Dodger game. Sure, the dog/ballpark rating isn’t that great, but a true fan would want to see a game at Dodger Stadium because...well, it is Dodger Stadium.

Dodger Dog

DogBallparkTotal Dog/Game
Portability5GA Ticket Price2
It Factor5Fans4


  1. Thank you for not jumping on the "Dodger dogs are the best hot dogs in baseball" bandwagon. After hearing about them for my entire baseball-watching life, I was so disappointed when I finally ate one. They are mushy and really nothing special. The stadium, though, is a gem that every baseball fan must visit.

    1. Tell me about it. I don't hate Dodger Dogs, but they are by far not the best. The frank tastes strange. I'd still recommend one if at Dodger Stadium, just for the full Dodger experience. After having one, I'd move on to the nachos.