Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Albuquerque Isotopes: Orbit Dog

After checking out dozens of other teams, I finally made it to my local MiLB ballpark: Isotopes Park, home of the Albuquerque Isotopes. I would have gone earlier, but warm weather comes late to the high desert. While I love baseball, I do not like watching it in football weather.

The Isotopes' mascot is orbit, you know, like proton and electrons orbit the nucleus of an atom? Yeah, science was not my strong suite in school either, but I could explain the infield fly rule like nobody's business. Anyway, the specialty dog at Isotopes' Park is called the Orbit Dog.

While it is a regular sized hot dog, it is piled high with awesome toppings. It starts with a regular hot dog, put on some mac 'n cheese, put some pulled pork on top of that and garnish with BBQ sauce and a strip of bacon. It is a delicious tasting treat that anyone will love. It is like having all of your comfort foods on a bun.

Guess who else loves this dog? Dogs, that's who. It was also the Isotopes' annual Bark in the Park event and I took my Blue Healer mix Fern. That's a picture of her checking out my colossal treat. I did buy her her own regular hot dog, which she downed in about twenty seconds. It didn't seem fair she got a mundane dog and I the Orbit Dog, so I shared the bacon strip with her. She seemed satisfied with that deal.

In case you haven't read about my previous trips to Isotopes' park, it is one of my favorite in all of minor league baseball. And, it is a true eater's park. In addition to having some stupendous hot dog choices, there are tons of other great food options. And probably the only condiments stand to have green chilies as a standard feature. It is New Mexico after all. 

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