Friday, April 21, 2017

Greensboro Grasshopper: The Mike Pi(a)zza Dog

Wrapping up my tour of Carolina baseball I took in a Greensboro Grasshoppers game. They have a quaint little ballpark downtown that, when surrounding construction is completed, will have a nice view of the tiny Greensboro skyline. Ticket prices are very reasonable, as are concessions. They offer a few ordinary dogs, but the real hot dog excitement takes places just outside of the gate.

On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays the food truck Hoppin' Hound Dogs wheels in, parks on the outside concourse and works its wiener magic. It really is magic, read the menu, put money in the window and in a few minutes an awesome hot dog comes out of the window. I think they have elves working inside.

The truck offers some truly unique baseball themed dogs that are not to be missed. All use Smithfield brand franks, but you can upgrade to an Italian sausage or brat for an extra $1.50.

Here is a rundown of their menu items: Connie Mack Attack, Hank Aaron-ing for Spicy, Mike Pi(a)zza Dog, Pete Rose Gambler, This Dog Wille Mays You, Sammy “This Ain't” Sosa, Catfish Hunter Carolina Dog, Big Leaguer. Hoppin' Hound Dogs gets the cleverness award for this year's baseball road trip.

I had the Mike Pi(a)zza Dog ($7.75 with an Italian sausage upgrade). Mainly because I had been craving pizza for some time. It really was delicious. I wish I had the stomach capacity and financial wherewithal to try all of their items. But there is always next year.

Now let's talk dogs. Real dogs. The Grasshoppers have three baseball black labs. Because black labs matter you know. One is retired from diamond duties. The other two perform on field antics such as bringing the umpire a small bucket of baseballs between innings and retrieving bats. The dogs are amazing and a big hit with the fans. Those labs make the game worth going to even in you hate baseball.

So get down to First National Bank Field (yeah, I know. Another stadium named after a bank), grab a dog, eat a dog and pet a dog.

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