Thursday, February 23, 2017

VBT Turner Field/Sun Trust Park: The Dixie Dog

Time for the dog that does dual purpose. When I came up with the idea of creating a hot dog for every ballpark, the Atlanta Braves were playing at Turner Field. Now that ancient stadium has been abandoned by the Braves. It was all of 17 years old (as a baseball venue). Now the Braves are moving into ultramodern new digs called Sun Trust Park. While no one loves new ballparks more than I, I also believe in retiring them when they are no longer viable. Wrigley Field in Chicago and Fenway Park in Boston are both over one hundred years young for comparison.

But it's still the Braves, and you know where Atlanta is? In the deep south, that's where. Sometimes called Dixie. In Dixie everything tasted good if it's fried. And they love their barbecue as well. Toss in some potato salad and you have yourself a delicious down home southern meal. That's why it's all on the Dixie Dog.

Start with a large bun; you're going to need it. Grill the bun, put in a Hebrew National all-beef frank, put a few strips of fried chicken on top of that, douse in BBQ sauce, cover with potato salad and then sprinkle on as much fried okra as your bun will allow. It's everything Dixie loves on a plate, but on a bun. Extra credit if you can find a copy of Hee Haw on VHS to watch while eating. And don't blame me if your speech has a drawl after eating.

Beer pairing: None other than Dixie Beer of course. It's a good cheap beer available throughout the south. It used to be brewed in New Orleans, but the brewery took a real beating (and flooding) during Hurricane Katrina. It plans to reopen someday, and buying a few six packs of Dixie will help that day come sooner. At present, it is contract brewed at other locations. But nothing will make your meal feel more south of the Mason-Dixon Line than washing this dog down with a Dixie. 


  1. What are all these dogs and fried fare doing to your waistline? ��

    1. LOL...I get that question a lot. Like any food that isn't a cracker and an organic carrot, you have to eat in moderation. During my road trips getting multiple dogs per day I can pack on a few pounds. I think six pounds is what I gained one summer during a journey to all 30 MLB ballparks. But that was eating and then doing a lot of driving, which is basically sitting and doing nothing. If you indulges sparingly, and get moderate exercise, you can treat yourself to any of these dogs every week or so and not worry about needing new trousers.

  2. Well, hopefully, you lost the 6! That is almost a pant size you know. 😊 Good to know you are the devilishlyrics handsome adventurer you've always been. No burgeoning waistline for you! Happy eats!