Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hot Dog Alert #18

When you are the Triple-A farm club of the reigning World Series Champions, you really need to step up to the plate when pushing hot dogs at the ballpark. The Omaha Storm Chasers have done their parent club proud with serving fans one of the most exciting dogs in the minors: the Cor-Dog-O.

This delectable treat gets its name from the Storm Chasers President and General Manager Martie Cordaro. The team exec noted that he had really made it baseball when he had a monster dog named after him. In my opinion, there is not higher honor in the sport.

The Cor-Dog-O starts with a winning combination. Not one, but TWO Hebrew National franks. Throw in some pulled pork, coleslaw and wrap it all in a tortilla and you have concessions item that is all the rave at Werner Park. And it only costs $8. A bargain for anything with two Hebrew Nationals in it.

How good does it sound? It looks almost delicious enough to lure me to Omaha. Then I realized Omaha is in Nebraska. 

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