Thursday, June 2, 2016

Hot Dog Alert #17

Is it Winston? Or is it Salem? I'll never figure it out, but apparently the folks in Winston-Salem, NC have. I'll take a wild guess and suggest it has something to do with tobacco since both Winston and Salem are cigarette brands. They say smoking is bad for your health, so let's talk about something good for you: hot dogs. Hot dogs are good for your aren't they? Tell me they are, because if they aren't, I'll never live to see 60.

Since I don't smoke I can't vouch for the region's tobacco, but I can attest to their exquisite taste in hot dogs. The Winston-Salem Dash have introduced a great dog to their lineup this year: the Cheesy Pig Dog. It is a hot dog with BBQ pork, mac n cheese and shredded cheese. It's cheesy alright. You can add some Texas Pete hot sauce to it to create the Flaming Cheesy Pig.

If you have never been to North Carolina, put it on your list of places to visit. The Carolinas are vacation worthy. They have mountains, beaches, cool cities and great food. Not to mention a high concentration of minor league baseball.

The Cheesy Pig Dog is sure to make you squeal with pleasure, so head on down to the ballpark and make a hog of yourself. 

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