Tuesday, April 19, 2016

VBT ATT&T Park: The Golden Gate Dog

Despite not being a Giants fans, I always enjoy going to AT&T Park. Why? Besides being an awesome baseball venue (albeit a waaaay overpriced venue), it is an eater’s park. I’d put AT&T up against any MLB stadium in a contest of overall fantabulous food offerings and it would land in the top few on anyone’s list.

The one food that, although it has migrated to many other parks, defines baseball in San Francisco ballparks is garlic fries. The stinky rose is big in the Bay Area. Just to the south is the burg of Gilroy, where one can get garlic flavored ice cream at the annual Garlic Fest. The fries are delicious and guaranteed to keep you off of the jumbotron kiss cam.

food prep for the Golden Gate Dog
You know what else is uniquely San Franciscan? The Golden Gate Bridge. Do you know why it is called the Golden Gate? Because of the small waterway entry into San Francisco harbor of the same name that the bridge spans. The bridge is not golden at all, it’s actual color is international orange. Remember that, it’s important.

see, it really is orange
So today we tune into the Giant’s game and watch the bay boys while chowing down on The Golden Gate Dog. All of San Francisco’s finest on a bun. It is a mass of garlic fries atop a Hebrew National frank in a sourdough bun. All of that heavily drizzled with french dressing. Why french dressing? Because it is international orange, just like the Golden Gate Bridge.

To make the garlic fries, grab your favorite brand of frozen french fries (not the crinkle or steak kind), bath them in olive oil, toss them in minced garlic and bake them per instructions. When they are done sprinkle them with parsley flakes and kosher sea salt. You can make your own french dressing too like I did, but I won’t bore you with the details of that, just get a bottle of your favorite brand. Cut a baguette of sourdough bread into a bun, lay in a grilled Hebrew National, the garlic fries and and then add the french dressing.

Want to make it a true early season San Francisco baseball experience? Turn on the air conditioning and cool it way down in your living room. Like Mark Twain observed, “The coldest winter I ever experienced was the summer I spent in San Francisco.” Wrap yourself in a blanket and enjoy your Golden Gate Dog with another San Francisco original: an Anchor Steam beer.

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