Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hot Dog Alert #8

Still looking for that winter getaway? Real baseball fans know there are two choices: Florida or Arizona. The Sunshine State hosts MLB’s spring training Grapefruit League, while the Cactus League tosses the horsehide around in the greater Phoenix area. Can’t decide which venue to escape the cold? Here is something that tips the scales in Phoenix’s favor: the MEGADOG.

Sounds colossal no? It is. it will be served up at Arizona Diamondbacks’ spring training games at Salt River Field. Salt River is one of nicest (and some say the best) of all of the Cactus League ballparks. While that can be debated, one cannot debate the Diamondbacks taking the lead in the monster dog competition. Two years ago they invented the D-bat eighteen-inch corndog, and last season they had the diabetes-inducing Churro Dog dessert dog. How can they outdo that? Allow me to introduce the Megadog.

The Megadog
It starts with a half-pound footlong hot dog nestled in a bun. Then add smoked pulled pork and top with green chili mac ‘n cheese (made with cheddar and gouda cheeses with some cayenne pepper tossed in). The Megadog weighs in at over one pound and will set you back twelve smackers. Not a bad price tag for a meal that will have you loosening your belt a notch or two.

No word yet if the Megadog will be promoted from the spring training menu at Salt River to the big league facility at Chase Field. Considering how the Diamondbacks have improved their on-field lineup this season, no reason not to carry that initiative to the concessions stand at Chase. Despite how they finish up the 2016 season, even if dead last, the D-backs are headed to ballpark food hall of fame if they keep adding to their list of titanic treats.

Unfortunately, I have no plans to hit the Cactus league this year, but I will be at Chase Field at some point. If the Megadog is on the menu I’ll post a full review. Are you in Phoenix? How about guest blogging after you test one? Trust me….my waistline welcomes other hot dog reviews

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