Monday, August 17, 2015

Houston Astros: Catalina Dog

More indoor baseball at Minute Maid Park, aka the Juicebox. With the heatwave that has inundated the south, no one was complaining. And no one could complain about the specialty dog that the Houston Astros offer up. No one except me of course. It was one of the most unique and tastiest dogs I have eaten after visiting 29 of 30 MLB ballparks. But it is a real chore to get one. It is only sold in the Five-Seven Grille. Harkening to the uniform numbers of Astros greats Jeff Bagwell (5) and Craig Biggio (7). I am a fan of both players, and would be a fan of their in-stadium restaurant if it didn’t take me 20 minutes to just place my order. Everyone else had the same issue. Once the severely understaffed joint did bring me a menu the choice was clear: the Catalina Dog. It is grilled jumbo frank wrapped in a tortilla with black beans, citrus slaw, roasted corn, guacamole, cumin-lime sour cream and queso fresco. It is like eating a healthy taco; except for that processed meat part.

Appeal-just the name sounds cool, and after reading about it you have to have one. 5

Ingredients-all top quality, good-tasting stuff on the inside.5

Uniqueness-no other dog like it in the MLB. Great job. 5

Monstrosity Factor-after reading the price (see below), I was stunned at how little it was. 3

Value-this taco-type dog cost a whopping $13.25. I could have eaten at least two, probably three. Sure, it’s served in some swanky confines and has some haughty toppings, but for that price I want to be filled up. 2

Overall Taste-absolutely delicious. I loved it. 5
The price and size drags this dog down to a 25. Which is a damn shame, I really wanted it to do well. I love the Astros and love this unique, great-tasting hot dog. But the scorecard does not lie. To make matters worse, it is not available to the average fan. They are not going to wait forty minutes to get an overpriced, new-age hot dog no matter how good it tastes. Advice to Houston: serve it in the restaurant AND at a kiosk on the main concourse. And lower the price by three bucks. Then you have a contender.

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