Thursday, July 16, 2015

Louisville Bats: Half-Pound Dog

The last stop on the current leg of baseball and gluttony tour lands me in Louisville, Kentucky, home of the Louisville Bats. I know what you are thinking; “holy hardball, it’s the bats.” Sorry to inform you the team is not named after the flying rat animal, but after one of Louisville’s most important exports: baseball bats. Ever hear of the Louisville Slugger?

If you have never hit a baseball with one of Louisville’s famed sticks, you can hit one with the frank on their specialty dog; it’s nearly as big. The half-pound hot dog sports on giant weenie and can be topped with grilled onions, pickles and brown mustard. It makes an impressive sight, but frankly the wiener felt more like 8 ounces than a half-pound to me.

Appeal-anything that has a half of a pound of meat on it will warrant a look. It could stand a better moniker and some unique toppings. 3.5

Ingredients-the bun was good, the frank was average tasting and slightly watery. The grilled onions is a good addition but it could stand a few more options. 3.5

Uniqueness-this dog has potential. Add a cool name, upgrade the frank and pile on some better toppings and you have a contender. 3.5

Monstrosity Factor-given the size of the frank, it could have a higher scare score. Lack of other toppings keep it in the realm of mortals. 3.5

Overall taste-with that much meat the dog has to be extraordinary. I did not finish mine. I wasn’t too big, I just got tired of it. 3
An overall of 20.5 will not garner any trophies, but it would not take much to get this dog into contention. Switching the frank to a Hebrew National, adding some grilled kraut with the onions, a heartier bun and it becomes an sought after item.

Hey, guess what the name of their ballpark is? Yep...Louisville Slugger Park Field. Nice park, and they have a vendor that sells items out of a basket that she balances on her head. Now that’s talent.

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