Friday, June 12, 2015

Chicago Cubs: Buffalo Wing Dog

Man, I don’t know what it is this year. Last year I only had one rain out, and that was a minor league game, and one rain shortened game. This year I have been dodging the rain left and right. My trip to Wrigley was no exception. The game was completed, but after the 6th inning there was some rain. You know what smells worse than a wet dog? A wet 101 year-old ballpark.

Speaking of Wrigley, I hate the new scoreboards. They are HUGE, hi-def and would be a great addition to any ballpark except Wrigley or Fenway. When you have a 100+ year-old sports venue, part of the appeal and charm is that you can get a feel of how it was back in the day. Wrigley has lost some of its innocence with the addition of those electronic behemoths. The Cubs have talked for years about building a new ballpark somewhere in the Chicago suburbs. Now may be the time to move on that idea.

The good news is they fared way better this year than last. I had the Buffalo Wing Dog. I know what you are thinking, “it’s Wrigley, why not have the Chicago Dog.” Well, I did…last year. It was delicious. The problem is that the Chicago Dog is so famous EVERY team offers one. Sure, it is a Chicago Dog in Chicago. That doesn’t make it taste better. And it sure as hell would not be unique. So I opted for the best choice to help the Cubbie’s score.

The Buffalo Wing Dog is a footlong Vienna Beef frank topped with coleslaw and shredded chicken and buffalo sauce.

Appeal-I am growing fond of the two-meat dogs. And it sounded so different it drew me to it. 5

Ingredients-I expected it to be topped with chicken wings. It was shredded chicken instead. Good thing, I would hate to have had to deal with those tiny bones on my dog. The meat was tasty and good quality. 4.5

Uniqueness-not the first team to top a dog with shredded chicken. Just the first one I know of to add buffalo sauce to it. 4

Monstrosity Factor-while it was a large dog, it was not huge. Lots of meat but not so much you feel compelled to share. I probably could have eaten most of another. You will be pleased to know I did not. 4

Value-considering I have spent $8 for just a regular dog at one other MLB venue, the same amount for this large, tasty specialty dog is a good price. And for most people, one is a meal. 5

Overall Taste-I was pleased that they put just the right amount of buffalo sauce on the dog. It complemented the dog and was not overpowering. All ingredients played well together and left my mouth very pleased. 5
A score of 27.5 is good score for the aging Wrigley. The installation of the Decade Dogs stand, where you can get your specialty dogs, is a fine addition to one of the grand old ladies of baseball. But get rid of those scoreboards, it is like watching your great-grandma trying to use an Apple Watch.

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