Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Lancaster Jethawks: Hot Dog

The Lancaster Jethawks have a very cool ballpark. Not only is it in great shape, but it exceeds coolness barrier by having an F-18 Hornet on a giant pedestal in front of the main gate. Awesome. Unfortunately, even that kind of firepower can’t help the Jethawk’s hot dog entry.

Apparently, last season Lancaster offered an impressive lineup of specialty hot dogs including one call the Greek Dog. I would have without a doubt tried it since I had never had one. This year they offer a hot dog and a chili and cheese version of the same. Yawn.

Allure-hot dog. Just the hot dog. Hot dog. Hot dog. 1

Ingredients-the cloverdale frank isn’t bad, but with just pump yellow mustard and packet relish to keep it company it disappoints. 1.5

Uniqueness-hot dog. Hot dog. Hot dog. 1

Monstrosity Factor-it was as frightening as a 15 year old toy poodle. 1.5

Value-the Jethawks haul in top score here. $3.50 for hot dog at a ballpark is a real bargain, no matter how skimpy it is. 5

Overall Taste-it tasted as expected. It wasn’t bad, but not overly good either. 2.5
Lancaster scores the lowest of any ballpark so far. I am bewildered as to why they would scrap their specialty dog menu, that would have boosted their score significantly. Perhaps they should take a twist from a famous baseball movie: “If you build it and cook it, they will eat it.”

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