Monday, March 23, 2015

Monsters of the Major Leagues

With the Cactus League ratings in the rear view mirror, we are mere weeks from opening day. I am excited. Are you?

With a new season comes a new hot dog challenge. Last year I rated each of the 30 MLB teams using a combined stadium and hot dog system that graded each venue on an overall baseball/hot dog experience. The results are posted and you can read about them in past posts and the book about that summer, “Gone to the Dogs,” will be out in a few weeks. You are buying my book aren’t you?

Previously, the hot dogs were rated on the regular dog. The one you get when you go to the concession stands and say “gimme a dog.” The ordinary dog. The run-of-the-mill dog. The average Joe dog.

This summer, I repeat my odyssey with a different goal in mind: rate each specialty dog at every major league ballpark. I know, it’s a daunting task. Taking in MLB games all over the country and downing the finest hot dogs known to mankind. I do it for science. As always, you can follow along on my blog and share in the excitement. AND….you can help me with the rating system. The one I have devised is strictly for the hot dog that grades six categories, each for category getting a maximum of 10 points for a perfect score of 60; just like last year. Here is what I will be grading the dogs on:

Appeal: How does it sound when presented. An example is I recently had a hot dog with peanut butter on it. Sounds disgusting so the appeal would be low, but it ended up being very tasty.

Ingredients: How many, do they go together well, quality of ingredients, etc.

Uniqueness: Example being the Dodger Dog. It is the specialty hot dog of the Dodgers but is basically a footlong. Low score. But that hot dog with peanut butter, that would be unique.

Monstrosity Factor: Is it collossal? Does if have more meat on it than a fat Chihuahua? Bingo.

Value: Cost versus amount of food. A $20 hot dog is not a bad deal if it feeds 4 people.

Overall Taste: All things considered, did I enjoy it.

Your input on this system is greatly appreciated. I will be on the road the second week after the start of the regular season. First stop Denver. Come have a bad ass dog with me and discuss the finer points of processed meat. And thanks in advance for your feedback on the system.

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