Thursday, January 1, 2015

It's a Whole New Year

Happy New Year fans! Last year was a blast and I hope your 2015 was as good as my 2014, and that mine is even better. Now that it is a new year check out the blog’s new look and send me some feedback, AND it is time to start the countdown to the most important date of 2015: pitchers and catchers report in 51 days.

I suppose it is also time we talk about plans for the new year and those damn resolutions. I really don’t make resolutions, I would vow to get a TV with better resolution as my resolution, but I don’t own a TV (really). I would say I would eat better, but that only means making all of my hot dogs with Hebrew National franks….I am a Hot Dog Explorer; eating healthy is not in my plans.

Oh, the plans. Yes. Well. I thought of going back to work (briefly). The off season has left me a little bored. Now that the winter meetings are over all I have to look forward to is Spring Training. Did I mention that pitchers and catchers report in 51 days?

And I will be right behind them. That’s right, your intrepid hot dog explorer is headed to Arizona to find out who in the Cactus League has the best hot dog. It has to be done and what better time to do it than to escape to the fabulous February Phoenix weather when it is cold as a well digger’s butt in Tulsa. I will hit all Spring Training facilities and catch a game and report back to you which ballpark had the tastiest dog using my previous scoring system.

Then, in April, the regular MLB season begins. That’s where I need your help.

Last year I discovered which MLB ballpark had the best overall baseball/hot dog experience. I used the combination of ballpark and hot dog scores to determine the winner. This year, I intend to repeat my journey but judge the SPECIALTY hot dogs offered by each stadium. I need you to help me figure out a grading system for the specialty dog. What factors should it be graded on? Also, do you want to know just straight up who has the best specialty dog or the overall baseball/specialty dog experience? Your input is valued.

Lastly, need a break from the winter weather? Come to Arizona and catch a game with me. I will shower beforehand, I promise.

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