Thursday, July 17, 2014

Port St Lucie Mets

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The second part of my fantabulous baseball day, in which I saw two games in different venues, took me to Tradition Field, home of the St. Lucie Mets. It screams Mets with its blue and orange trim. From the outside it looks slick and futuristic, complete with my favorite parking. Why free parking? Average parking at a MiLB game is $5, MLB is about $15. There are 30 MLB games to eat a dog at and at least as many do the math. Free parking keeps me from being destitute, and when I am already semi-homeless that is really all I got going for me. Did I mention I was on a budget?

Most impressive, is the huge concrete overhang that shields the lion’s share of the main grandstand from the rain, and it always rains in Florida at some time during the day. I kept looking at it thinking if it broke off a huge chunk of concrete would take out a good many fans. I didn’t sit underneath it. Just below it is the press box area and below that the luxury suites for fans who come to eat and drink in air conditioning at someone else’s expense (although, I’d be in there in a second if invited). But what really bugged me about this park, was the bugs. The tiny no-see-ums that I would gladly detonate a thermonuclear weapon to exterminate. You will be happy to know that although I used to work with nuclear weapons, I no longer have access to them. You can sleep easy.

The stadium interior was super clean and well-maintained. I liked it but it has a bit of a sterile feeling to it. The fence is too perfectly semicircular without any angles to it. The bus stop roof over the left field picnic area looks out of place, although I am sure it does a splendid job of keeping patrons dry. The scoreboard is a hi-def jumbotron that should make other clubs envious and the palm trees just outside the fence add a coastal aire to the place. All that blue and hurt my eyes. Tradition Field by the way has a super friendly and accommodating staff. They will make you trip to the ballpark a trip to remember.

Bun-fresh and steamed, just like it oughta be.
Taste-Nathan’s usually has a great frank. This night it wasn’t up to its usual quality. It was dollar dog night so that might explain a lot.
Toppings-just a pepper selection short of a perfect score.
Price-$3.50 for the regular price is pretty darn good.
Portability-again with the heavy aluminum foil, and again my bun was smushed. Tom no likey smushed buns.
It factor-yawn.

Location-seems to be a trend in Florida, not downtown and in a complex or some sort of shopping center.
Access-mostly a drive to park. Maybe that is why there is free parking.
GA Ticket Price-$6.50 for a good seat is a great price in a really good ballpark.
Cleanliness-nice job keeping the place clean.
Fans-really nice crowd, and most stayed for the second game of the double header.
Ambiance-not top score but still not bad for the spring training home of the New York Mets.

DogBallparkTotal Dog/Game
Portability4.5GA Ticket Price5
It Factor2.5Fans4

What Can I Say? I'm a Dog Person

Combine a double header with dollar dog night and you have a winning combination. I was happier than a pitcher after an inning-ending triple play. I would absolutely recommend having a dog in this park, I would bet the dog is tastier on non-dollar dog night. You could get a hamburger instead, but then I would have to unfriend you on facebook.


  1. Great meeting you outside the park last night. I'm the guy from Boston who showed you the Pass-port book. Love your blog, will make sure to follow. Happy travels!

    1. Mike, likewise. I wish I had thought of the ballpark passbook before, it would have made a nice memento. Let me know if you ever get to Tulsa to see the Drillers.