Thursday, July 31, 2014

New Mexican Shindog

The Very Large Array (VLA)
It has been a quiet couple of days in the world of the Hot Dog Explorer. After finishing up taking in all 30 MLB venues and making it back to Tulsa I did what any good writer does. I sequestered myself in a cabin in a remote region of the country. Not to write my manifesto and be the next Unabomber but to get a head start on my book “Gone to the Dogs.” As you know that book will be the next baseball literary classic. So don’t miss out on your chance to become part of history, visit my kickstarter page and help bring “Gone to the Dogs” to print.

Have you seen the Jodie Foster movie “Contact?” There is a group of radio astronomy antennas called the Very Large Array (VLA) in the beginning of that movie. My now not so secret location is just up the road from that in very rural New Mexico. A steady diet of 8,000 feet altitude air and New Mexico craft beers has kept the creative juices flowing.

Rock Art by Katy
My gracious hosts are obvious patrons of the arts by allowing me to crank out a few chapters on their property. So to repay their kindness I did what all great hot dog personalities would do...have a hot dog party. I fired up the grill and served up some of the signature dogs I experienced on my nearly 19,000 mile expedition. The chili and coleslaw “Carolina Dog” from my Appalachian stops was represented, as well as the “Southern Comfort Dog” I had in Houston that sports mac & cheese on top of the frank sprinkled with crushed bacon. Available for all to enjoy was a generous supply of Bertman’s mustard which is only available in Cleveland. Since these were people that mattered to me, I used the best nationally available frank that I experienced on my trip...the Hebrew National. No dog should go without one.

Winning Combo: Hebrew National Franks and Toppings
And there was cause for celebration, my kickstarter campaign for “Gone to the Dogs” has surpassed the 50% mark. Only a few weeks to become part of history, visit the link below to participate.

Official Taste Testers

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