Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Chattanooga Lookouts

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cannot tell you how many times I have tried to catch a Chattanooga Lookouts game. At least 5 or 6, but every time my schedule of passing through did not merge well with their playing schedule. The nerve of some teams! The first few times I tried the Lookouts were playing in Historic Engel Stadium. With my penchant for old ballparks I really lament not being able to see a game there. You have probably seen it on the big/small screen. It is where most of the baseball action from the film “42,” which chronicles Jackie Robinson’s breach of the color barrier is played/filmed.

The Lookouts have new digs on the banks of the Tennessee River. AT&T Field has a nice red brick facade that gives it the veneer of a real and old-timey park. Inside the structure is mostly cinderblock with the press box and other structures made from corrugated aluminum. While it isnt’ the prettiest of Double A parks I have been in, the team built it with its own money. It was not funded by the taxpayer, and that is something that garners immense respect. I’d rather look at a smallish scoreboard than a drive-in movie sized jumbotron and have my tax dollars go to something more mundane….say road repair? Nicely done Lookouts.

There is also the lighted, Christmas ornament-looking, baseballs affixed to the exterior that make the venue unique, as well as the fact that is on a sloping hill. This was the first park on my journey that had an escalator just to get you to the main gate/ticket window area. It is in the mountains after all. It is also located in smack dab downtown Chattanooga, making it a very community oriented ballpark. The grandstand is partially roofed to keep the rain off the fans and large rotating fans hang from it to keep a breeze flowing.

Bun-nice and fresh.
Taste-the Tyson frank made a respectable showing.
Toppings-a little thin, and there were those damnable packets of relish.
Price-$3.25 is a decent price for the dog.
Portability-comes in a clear plastic sleeve. Wrapper is better, but the sleeve was ok.
It Factor-not much happening on the specialty dog front in Chattanooga.

Location-downtown. Top score.
Access-all modes and kudos for the ELECTRIC bus.
GA Ticket Price-$5 for the cheap tickets. The way it oughta be.
Cleanliness-not bad, but could use a good sweep and hose down.
Fans-nice crowd considering it looked like rain. They loved the game as well.
Ambiance-nearly perfect, could be my judgement was skewed since I visited Engel Stadium just before. But hey, it’s my blog.

DogBallparkTotal Dog/Game
Portability5GA Ticket Price5
It Factor2Fans5

Even without the Lookouts you would want to stop in Chattanooga, just because it is Chattanooga. And yes, that have that damn choo choo. I was only there a day and got tired of that affiliation...I am sure the residents are fed up with it as well. But the town also has some great Southern League action. As a Dodger affiliate the team is usually stocked with talent and you can have a great outing at the ballpark and enjoy a tasty dog as well. In the area? Stop, play, eat.

Special Feature: How to Get a Foul Ball (filmed at Port St Lucie Mets Ballpark)

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