Thursday, June 26, 2014

New York Mets

The Windy City. Known for its high wind and inclement weather. The only problem is I wasn’t in Chicago, but New York doing its best Chi-town impersonation. But neither snow, sleet nor rain can keep the intrepid hot dog explorer from his quest for the perfect dog. And on Wednesday it landed me in Citi Field, home of the New York Mets.

This was my second trip to Citi Field. The first time it was the third game ever played there when it was brand spanking new. It was early April of course and it is the only time ever that I have bought a beer at a baseball game and it actually got colder as the game went on. I lasted 5 innings. This night I only had the pelting drizzle to deal with, and the blasting wind. That’s what I like about open concourses, you can seek shelter and still watch the game as well as eat. And the concourse at the Met’s abode is a nice one. It is situated inside the mainly red brick stadium that greets you as soon as you descend the stairs from the number 7 line. The triple arch lights are a nice touch but the double scoreboards are slightly confusing. The big apple that rises like the great pumpkin when the Mets hit a homer is still there, a holdover for the Shea days. The outfield overall is sort of busy, like a stadium with ADD. Besides that it is a really nice park and I prefer it over Yankee simply for aesthetics, although Yankee is easier to get to.

Bun-soft and fresh.
Taste-the same Nathan’s famous served at Yankee Stadium, and just as yummy.
Toppings-a really, really good selection of toppings.
Price-$6.50 is the second priciest dog I have had on my trip.
Portability-same cardboard coffin, and it does a superior job.
It Factory-over the top, including the heart stopping “Pastrami Dog.”

Location-built where Shea Stadium was. On top of the same old landfill and sort of isolated.
Access-despite its location, the number 7 line keeps Citi Field within reach of all.
GA Ticket Price-$17 is a little expensive….well, a lot expensive.
Cleanliness-super clean.
Fans-smallish crowd, and I think the weather dampened their spirits. Not to mention Oakland’s bats.
Ambiance-Citi Field comes really close but loses a bit with the busy outfield and the slight corporate HQ look at the front of their stadium.

DogBallparkTotal Dog/Game
Portability5GA Ticket Price3.5
It Factor5Fans4

Perhaps during the All-Star break I will do a blog on Yankee Stadium vs Citi Field. Each has its pluses and minuses. If the Mets are the only choice while you are in the Big Apple then you can’t go wrong catching a game. But if you decide on one for the dogs, head to Citi Field. Once again I was impressed by the hospitality of the New Yorkers I met, giving me directions and their opinions on dogs. They really do get a bad rap. The Mets? They deserve their bad rap….they got spanked by the A’s. And you can see the standings for yourself. I know, I’s early.


  1. We've been to CitiField many times. Never noticed the buns were fresh/soft; never noticed the plethora of toppings; and, never knew about the pastrami dog. (Is it a little bit pastrami, or can you actually taste/see the pastraminess?)

    Sidenote: The Sausage & Peppers sandwiches are not as good or as big as the ones at Shea. Also, the Steak & Cheese at CitiField is a loser, big time.

    About the location, apparently it is convenient to drive... I'm told. We ride the 7 train. Once on the 7, it's a straight shot from Manhattan, though takes what seems to be forever. (Sometimes getting to the train from various parts of town is a pain.)

    By the way, the Mets send out post-game feedback/survey emails to us (and probably others). So many of their questions focus on things you mention, and have a huge family-oriented bent. The organization seems to be trying to create an "experience" at the ballpark that is family-friendly and "exceeds expectations" regardless of whether the Mets win or lose. At the end of the Father's Day game (which the Mets won), our kids got to run the bases from First to Home; they loved it, and it was cool being on the field.

    Plus, with a team that hasn't been up in the standings, there is plenty of elbow room in the stands. (Always a big plus!) Our experience has been that the fans in attendance (on sunny days) are very passionate.

    We are pleased with the courtesy of the ushers, and the intense presence of security and staff (excluding concessions).

    Thanks for your blog. Read about it in the NY Daily News. Look forward to your thoughts on MCU Park (Brooklyn Cyclones) and Richmond County Bank Ballpark (SI Yankees). FYI: I think at least one of these parks has a $10 all you can eat special.

  2. Thanks for your insight on Citi Field. I actually preferred it over Yankee Stadium. I had been to old Yankee but unfortunately never got to experience Shea. Also, I only do 100% of MLB parks. The minors are catch as catch can so I won't be visiting Brooklyn or SI. I'd like to a NY baseball tour sometime though. Thanks again for your comments.