Thursday, May 8, 2014

Stockton Ports (sort of)

Today was supposed to be an off day. Schedules and geography you know. But the Baseball Gods smiled upon me and turned my sights toward Stockton. The Stockton Ports are another California League team and are currently on the road. And since their ballpark would normally be empty the City of Stockton is hosting the California Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) Baseball Championships. There were two games today at Banner Island Ballpark and I took in the first one that saw Cal Poly Pomona defeat Sonoma State 9-4. Great pitching by the Pomona starter. It was a pretty exciting game overall….if you can get over that aluminum bat thing.

I took the opportunity to grade the park and dog since it is the same hot dog they would serve during the Ports games and the ballpark gets same treatment. Since there were only about 100 fans there for the college game I made a best guess for the “fans” score based on the other California League games I had attended in Lake Elsinore, San Jose, Bakersfield and Inland Empire.

Bun-not steamed and stale. Not a good way to start a hot dog.
Taste-the Miller’s hot dog frank was ok but not especially tasty. It was large and filling though.
Price-$4 is about average for a minor league venue.
Portability-a smallish cardboard boat. By now we have ascertained that a wrapper or sleeve is the way to go to keep the goodies on the dog.
Toppings-not too shabby. Missing kraut.
It Factor-basically non-existent.

Location-nice. Next to the arena and waterfront area. The “nice” area of downtown Stockton.
Access-bus routes exist. Walkable from downtown. Bikeable.
GA Ticket Price-I would say $9 is pricey but they really are good seats, not bleachers or grass berm. Better than average price for what seats you get.
Cleanliness-spic and span.
Ambiance-Nice new and modern ballpark with a nautical theme. Built of very high end block with accentuating colors. Some skyline is visible over the left field wall and the canal runs along the outfield just over the knoll. Excellent job combining modern architecture with baseball vibe.
Fans-get an estimated score based on other California League venues.

The Ports had a chance to score big with their fabulous ballpark. The dog drug them down a bit. Still, if for some reason (and I have no idea what that would be other than fleeing the mafia) you find yourself in Stockton, California head on out to Banner Island Ballpark and enjoy the game.

DogBallparkTotal Dog/Game
Portability3GA Ticket Price4
It Factor2Fans4

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  1. Stockton, California's Sunrise Seaport, Mudville, Port City, Fat City, Brick City or the All American City ... is a refuge for the destitute. I’ve been there a few times and that’s a couple too many. This season I did get to the Asparagus Festival / Ports knockout combo. I have to say having some deep fried, parmesan crusted asparagus while listening to some aged hair metal band “rockin’ out” and people watching was a great start to the day. I topped the night off with a Ports game. I partial since they are also an A’s affiliate. I highly suggest, given the opportunity, that you attempt this some day.