Sunday, May 18, 2014

Off Day: Salt Lake City

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Sure baseball fans love hot dogs. But how much do we love them?

There are 30 Major League Baseball (MLB) ballparks. Those ballparks will server over 21 MILLION hot dogs this year. That DOES NOT include brats, sausages and other tubular meat (add another 5.5 MILLION for that). And it DOES NOT include dogs served at Minor League ballparks. Each MLB team has an A, AA and AAA team so that is another 90 ballparks, Add in the short-season rookies leagues, independent leagues and you get the picture. The dog and the ball go hand in mitt.

The Los Angeles Dodgers fans will eat the most hot dogs this year by wolfing down over 3 MILLION dogs.

Not to mention there are speciality hot dog stands all over the United States.  Do you know of any? I reviewed the Dog House in Albuquerque and Pink’s in Hollywood. If you know of any over the top hot dog venues that are stalwart’s of the world of the processed meat culture and they are located in or near a town with a MLB team I would like to test it out. Comment or e-mail if you know of one.

ATTENTION MILWAUKEE FANS: I am looking for a Brewers tailgate gathering to attend before Brewers game. The date is not yet set for my east coast swing but I will be in Milwaukee sometime in June. Likely mid or later June. For those not in the know if you walk through the parking lot before a Brewers game you would swear you were headed to a college football game. They do tailgating right and the smell of roasting brats teases the taste buds as you make your way to the stadium entrance.

Tomorrow (Monday) I attend a Salt Lake City (where I am holed up with the fabulous Henson family) Bees game followed by a Colorado Rockies game and finally a Colorado Springs Sky Sox game. That will complete my west coast swing and after a few weeks break in Tulsa I will knock out a few mid-western parks and then embark on the east coast portion of the adventure.

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