Monday, May 5, 2014

Off Day: Pink's...Let's Get This Party Started

Los Angeleans are Crazy for Pink's
On a Saturday with no baseball games to go to, and stuck in Los Angeles, what is one to do? If you are a renown hot dog explorer you head to the place that was selected as the number one hot dog stand in all of the United States (in at least a few polls/articles, and consistently in the top couple in nearly all hot dog ratings), one that is so famous it has been in the movies. You go go Pink’s.

Wall of Fame in Dining Area
Paul and Betty Pink opened the place in 1939 as cheap place to get a meal. Being located on La Brea Avenue in Hollywood didn’t hurt business either. Pushing a good product at a good price will always cause business to boom and fast forward to today and Pink’s is a wiener legend. Photos of the celebrities that have frequented the place line the walls. Some of them even have hot dogs named after them. There is the Spicy Ozzy dog (named after Ozzy Osburne), The Martha Stewart Dog, the Betty White Naked Dog, and many others. Each with their own unique composition. And they all look tasty. Despite being in Hollywood, and a popular haunt of movies stars and such, I was the only celebrity on the premises.

I had the Spicy Ozzy dog and washed it down with a Dr. Brown’s Root Beer. It held true to its name and had my mouth so hot that I later cooked a pizza in it. It was a nice break to see how the non-baseball dog people lived. And apparently they live pretty good. Pink’s, for all of its quaintness, offers valet parking. Hey, it’s Hollywood. I left as soon as I got mine down.

The Spicy Ozzy Dog 

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