Thursday, May 22, 2014

Colorado Rockies

If a baseball bat has a sweet spot, then so can the perfect hot dog/baseball experience. And the Colorado Rockies have found it. Sporting a ballpark that, although long in tooth by recent standards, should be the envy of many newer facilities. That, along with a delicious dog at a decent price and the Denver team has gone yard in the overall ratings.

Coors Field was built as one of the first retro park initiatives. Following the success of Camden Yards in Baltimore the red brick wonder has everything a ballpark should and is fleshed out in the ratings below, including both a skyline view of Denver behind home plate and a vista of the actual Rockies over left field. What helps its ambiance rating is what it doesn’t have. Colorado focuses more on being a ballpark than a carnival for kids. There is a small kid’s zone, but they keep it subdued as not to detract from the reason most fans hit the park. When a fan walks up to Coors Field he can feel the baseball vibe.

The dog does its part to boost the Rockies’ ratings. The standard dog is good enough that the entry-level offering is called the “Super Dog.” It sports a salty (read tasty) Hebrew National frank on a soft bun that pleases the gods of processed meat. The specialty dog selection is top shelf with Gold Star supplying a frank made to the Rockies’ specifications. While it doesn’t get the team extra points, it adds the the allure of the dogs that Gold Star is a Denver based company and helps keep the product local.

Bun-fresh and steamed.
The Super Dog
Taste-the Hebrew National frank did not disappoint.
Toppings-lacks kraut and jalapenos.
Price-while not the cheapest, $4.75 is not a bad price for a tasty dog at a MLB venue.
Portability-not a wrapper or sleeve, which is preferred, but the cardboard boat was oversized and that helped enormously.
It Factor-the specialty dog line up at Coors Field is damn delicious. With entries like the Denver Dog, Diablo Dog, Santa Fe Dog and others one can find dog for any taste.

Location-in the LODO district of downtown Denver.
Access-walk, bike, light rail, pedicab...big score.
Cleanliness-excellent job keeping this gem clean.
The Denver Dog
GA Ticket Price-ATTENTION ALL MLB TEAMS….the Rockies charge FOUR DOLLARS for a bleacher seat on the “rock pile.” That’s right...4 smackers for a MLB game. What do they know San Francisco doesn’t?
Ambiance-with the exception of the really historic parks, it doesn’t get much better than Coors Field. It looks, feels, smells, tastes, and emanates baseball.
Fans-not a bad crowd for a Wednesday where the rain was threatening all day. And they were great fans...even the obnoxious Giants fans seated directly behind me. I am all for beer buyers having to get the permission of the fans surrounding them before being allowed to have more than 3 beers.

With an overall score of 58 the Colorado Rockies have the highest score of any of the parks I have visited to date. That includes 10 MLB parks and 11 Minor League venues.

DogBallparkTotal Dog/Game
Portability4.5GA Ticket Price5
It Factor5Fans5

Many thanks to the Rockies who made their Director of Concessions available to me to answer some dog-related questions. He was most gracious in taking time from his busy schedule to help me. And he treated me to a Denver Dog (after I had already had the standard dog. I know...two dogs...back off man, I’m a scientist). The green sauce on the Denver Dog is made by a local sports figure. And it truly was delicious.
Nate Cannon and the Rockies Dog

I usually attend games alone, but on this outing I had the special treat of meeting up with Nate Cannon, Antarctic Explorer extraordinaire. Nate and I spent 13 months together (as co-workers, not a couple) at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station in Antarctica. Nothing makes life-long friends like being stranded at the bottom of the globe together for over a year. Nate had the Rockies Dog and gave it good marks. Out of respect for me as a Hot Dog Celebrity, Nate refrained from putting ketchup on his dog. Thanks Nate.


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