Saturday, April 5, 2014

Training Day

The countdown continues for an April 12 blast off of the mega-road to find the perfect ballpark dog. The first leg is shaping up nicely with a westward swing that will take me to 10 MLB and 11 minor league stadiums. The Arizona Diamondbacks have graciously granted me access to their executive chef for an interview as well as a free ticket. Now there is a club that loves food, baseball and independent journalism.

Just like baseball teams, umpires and announcers, hot dog connoisseurs need spring training as well, and on April 3 I did just that. I attended the Tulsa Drillers’ opening day against the Corpus Christi Hooks. It was a delightful evening at ONEOK Field despite a 30 degree temperature drop from beginning to the end of the 10 inning 5-4 Driller victory. The cool front was caused by some weather that threatened tornadoes to the east of the ballpark (I live smack in the middle of Tornado alley) Tulsa was spared but the photo shows a view east where some nastiness ensued. I took my Venezuelan friend who was able to keep me up to speed on the happenings in Venezuela as well as help me limit my dog intake (nothing like being accompanied by a smoking hot South American women to remind you to mind your caloric consumption).

I was able to calibrate my taste buds by wolfing down a Driller Dog. No judging the dog this time, just tuning the palette. I also wanted to reacquaint myself with the sights and sound and feel of being at the in hand. As you can see I quickly readjusted from the 6 month off season.

Soon it will be time to hit the road. The car is tuned, partially loaded and my schedule through late May laid out. Seven days until it is horsehide and highways.

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