Monday, March 31, 2014

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Welcome to opening day. The first Major League Baseball (MLB) games for the 2014 season begin today with the minor league opening day a few more days away. Soon you will hear the smacking of leather and the cracking of bats at a diamond near you. Opening day is where every team begins in first place, visions of championships dance in players’ heads and is one of the milestones that marks the advent of warmer weather. I realize that there are still flurries in parts of the nation, but rest assured….the boys of summer have taken to the field so sunshine is on its way!

It’s time to check on tickets to see your favorite team toss the around horsehide, plop your ass on a bleacher and take in the grandeur that one can only experience in the cathedrals built to house our national pastime. Not to do so would give me pause and suspect you of being a communist. Marx and Lenin didn’t play no damn baseball.

While you are sitting in the stands and heckling the ump the odds are you will have dog in your hand. In major league games alone this year it is estimated that fans will consume 21,357,361 hot dogs. Despite going to school in West Virginia I will do the math for you...that is 4,395 dogs per game (not figuring in that I will probably account for 10% of that number).

Don’t like hot dogs? Again reason to be suspected of being a communist.

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