Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hot Dog Bracketology

By this time you are hoop deep into the March Madness college basketball circus. You probably spent hours figuring out your brackets to test your clairvoyant sports skills. But did you know there is an even more important and interesting contest involving brackets unfolding?

The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (NHDSC, and no I did not make that up) is sponsoring the ultimate hot dog condiment matchup in conjunction with the annual college hoops contest. And while you can’t help your favorite team on the floor, you can help your favorite hot dog topping get the respect it deserves.

The condiment bracket functions just like the college brackets with wet and dry toppings in their respective divisions. You can watch the hot dog fixings duke it out for the top spot on the NHDSC facebook page. If you like the page you earn the right to vote on condiments each week. This week’s matchup is between cole slaw and mustard. Easy choice in my opinion….who desecrates their dog with a picnic side-dish anyways?

Baseball season starts in a few days, but right now it is basketball on center stage. And while not nearly as astute, intelligent, good looking or likeable as us baseball fans they do like their dogs. Join in the fun and lets help mustard reign king of condiments….I mean vote for the topping of your choice.

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