Saturday, February 25, 2017

VBT Globe Life Park: The Nolan Ryan

If you watched baseball in the late 1960's, all of the 70s, 80s and much of the 90s you know who Nolan Ryan is. He holds the MLB record for career strikeouts and pitched an incredible SEVEN, that's right SEVEN, no hitters. He was in the top few of the dominate pitchers in FOUR decades of baseball. His weapon of choice? A blazing fastball which, according to some calculations, is the fastest ever thrown. He was also an anomaly, having a career that lasted so long. He also dished out one of the best thumpings ever caught on video as he pummeled Chicago White Sox player Robin Ventura when he charged the mound Nolan was standing on.

A Texas native, he is also a beef rancher. Along with his many baseball executive duties, he also sells high quality beef. Know what he does with those high quality beef trimmings left over from the process? He makes high quality, all-beef HOT DOGS. That's right, Nolan Ryan is in the hot dog business. It just keeps getting better with this guy.

While he played for several teams, Nolan is best remembered for his stint with the Texas Rangers, and as a Texan I am naming the hot dog for the Rangers after him. Drum roll as we prepare to describe The Nolan Ryan.

If you are a baseball fan you know that fastballs are known as heaters. As in “bring me the heat.” It was Ryan's signature pitch and why the Nolan Ryan dog is all about the heat. It is simple....and hot.

Take a bun of your choice and put in, if possible, a Nolan Ryan all-beef frank. This is probably the only time I won't recommend a Hebrew National as my first choice. But Nolan Ryan franks are very regional, usually only available in the greater Texas area. So if you can't get one, use a Hebrew National. Then put in some red chili sauce, hot sauce of your choice, and top with jalapenos and onions. Bite in and enjoy the heat that is symbolic of Nolan Ryan's flame throwing arm.

Beer pairing: Arlington is deep in the heart of Texas, so I have chosen Shiner Beer. The beer of Texas. It is cheap, crisp and goes well with any hot food. Normally, I'd say grab a six pack, but with this hot dog's temperature, pick up a case. 

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